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Confidential HR Consulting Services

The team at MCS Enterprises offers more than 25 years of experience within Fortune 100 organizations, covering all aspects of HR functions. Our clients are our number one priority, and we work hard to provide them with fast and successful results. If you are looking for employment, contact us and send us your resume and let us find you your dream job! We serve nationwide, with a focus on New York City.

Talent Acquisition and HR Consulting

MCS Enterprises is a full service talent acquisition and human resources consulting organization. We provide a full scope of confidential, professional, strategic & innovative solutions for employers and potential employees. We have a proven track record of success in managing change, recruiting, succession planning, and many other areas, and we consistently rank number one when it comes to corporate experiences.

At MCS Enterprises, we staff employees for companies in all types of industries including Financial, Retail, Wholesale, Marketing and Advertising, Medical, Operations, and Human Resources to name a few. We also provide a range of support services including resume writing, succession planning, career fairs and much more. Our variety of  services include:

Talent Acquisition and HR Consulting
• Talent Acquisition (C- Suite through Non-exempt Staffing)
• Succession Planning
• Compensation Planning
• Change Management
• Career Fairs & College Relations
• Training and Development
• Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
• Small Business Advice
• Organizational Development

For the Individual (or job seeker):

MCS Enterprises also offers a wide variety of services for the individual job seeker and/or small business owner that will assist you in the next phase of your career advancement regardless of what point you are at in your career including:

• Resume writing
• Resume "refreshing"
• Career counseling
• Mock interviewing
•Job search assistance
• Small business advisement